About Us

HORIZON series camera stabilizers are the self-developed full range smart stabilizer systems by BeStableCam. With the patented globally original electronic stabilization technology, HORIZON series stabilizers ensures stability of moving shootings, to take extremelys mooth footage. HORIZON series stabilizers support mainstream smart phones, GoPro action cameras, mirror-less cameras, DSLR cameras, and more with the flexibility of supporting compact cameras and home using DV, to apply in dynamic situations that demand ultra stability in moving shooting including outdoor sports, traveling, parties, children grow-up recording, wedding ceremony, Press interview, commercial advertisement, micro cinema and more applications with complex motions

We develop and manufacture 3-axis gimbal camera stabilisers to revolutionise your handheld camera movements..

BeStableCam  Product  line  includes  handheld, aerial & Panoramic  gimbal. Keep  on  innovating, creating quality products for photograghers are our lifelong pursute.